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YOUR AI JOURNEY: What you need to know and where to start

November 9, 2022 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm


On Wednesday, November 9, Illinois manufacturers and other interested parties are invited to attend a half-day online workshop titled “Your AI journey: What you need to know and where to start” by the University of Illinois Chicago to learn how machine learning and Artificial Intelligence can support a manufacturing business. The event is sponsored by the Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC), NIST National Institute of Technology, and the Department of Commerce.

The workshop is hosted by UIC Professor Azadeh Haghighi and the Smarture Research Laboratory at the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department. At this online event, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from experiences of experts from both academia and industry on machine learning and its applications in an industrial setting. Additionally, the workshop includes various presentations, demos and tutorials by Tooling U-SME Society of Manufacturing Engineers, MathWorks, and the Smarture Lab, as well as gift packages for the attendees

All attendees will receive a free “Machine Learning 101” Python-based digital visual interface named “EasyML” developed by the Smarture Lab that would allow users to apply machine learning algorithms on their own data. Professor Haghighi promises that, despite the complexity of machine learning, this complimentary package will be usable for anyone “without any coding skills.” A tutorial of “EasyML” Package will be provided to all the participants by the Smarture Lab. The knowledge learned at the workshop would be directly applicable to using this free business-enhancement digital program.

Additionally all attendees will receive a complimentary package of data collection, management and machine learning courses provided by Tooling U-SME Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

Contact name: Azadeh Haghighi

Contact Email: AHagi3@uic.edu.