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LET VALUES DRIVE: Digital Marketing 101 for Manufacturers Webinar

August 31, 2022 @ 11:30 am - 12:30 pm


If you’ve ever felt like you’ve wasted time or money on marketing that doesn’t grow sales, you’re not alone.

The real value of having a scalable measurable marketing system that connects and is FELT by your ideal customer is priceless because it makes sales easier. Start by making your customer the hero of your story. Your values plus their values define your “shared” values. When customers can envision themselves in a winning state they trust and purchase faster. Emotionally engaged customers are 33% less price-sensitive, 44% less likely to go to competitors, and 300% more likely to recommend you. The power of being not only seen and heard but felt.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Recognize practical marketing strategies for their business
  • Learn how to scale and measure digital marketing content
  • Build a customer story and define values
  • Utilize the human, as well as digital, aspects of marketing



Allison DeFord | FELT marketing

Allison DeFord, Trailblazer at Felt Marketing, will be presenting this webinar. Allison is on a mission to strengthen the heart and soul of manufacturing for generations by helping manufacturers retrofit their marketing strategy to make sales easier. Modifying traditional systems with modern components. She’s also the overly-caffeinated co-host of the MFG OutLoud podcast. You can view the Felt Marketing website here: https://feltmarketing.com/


Contact Name: Simone Walker
Contact Email: swalker@imec.org