Wichita Packing Company

Incorporated in 1963, Wichita Packing Company has evolved into a corporation with global distribution and is the leading independent provider of pork ribs in the country. The company is rooted in its earned reputation as a worldwide provider of consistent, quality products. Whether a single unit or an international franchise, their goal is to work with clients to create an application for their establishment, based on specific needs.

The Basic specifications taken into consideration are:

  • Plate cost and presentation
  • Cooking method
  • Inventory management
  • Any other special requirements

Once a client’s need has been fully assessed and specifications are set, it’s Wichita Packing’s commitment to provide a high-quality product that meets or exceeds expectations consistently throughout the year.

Whether it is their individually graded Pork Loin Back Ribs, their hand-cut St. Louis Style Ribs, or one of their procurement and distribution items, clients can be sure of providing the quality, flavor, and value that customers demand on a committed and consistent basis.

Wichita Packing Company was founded to provide quality meats to the customers who trust them to source the highest quality ingredients to their exact specifications. The company values this trust and are committed to earning it with every order.

Quality Meat requires a combination of the best animal genetics, feed, and care, along with a comfortable environment to grow and a shared commitment to quality and safety by all participants throughout the distribution chain. The company guarantees that all products labeled Wichita Packing Company’s Premium BBQ Meats, are manufactured meeting these meat quality standards – all-natural and minimally processed to clients’ exact specifications.


Pork Ribs

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Our top products include:

  • Pork ribs