Sara P. Lovejoy

Sara P. Lovejoy – My clothes are designed from classic ideas with a modern edge. I like to include pockets, linings, and unique details in my designs. I keep duality in mind. Classic and modern. Easy elegance. My design philosophy is “ladylike cool”. I strive for clothes that move between many worlds.

About the Designer – I grew up in western NY known for its snowy winters. In high school my love of art turned towards clothing design and I began to sell one-of-a kind items at boutiques and music festivals.  I knew my dream of art school would only happen if I just decided to do it, so I dissolved my growing business and moved to the suburbs of Chicago. I commuted back and forth between School of the Art Institute of Chicago and working as a manager of a fabric store. During my last year of school I was hired as an illustrator and graphic artist at a pattern-drafting software company. A few years in I decided that my happiness was gonna have to be me working for myself and creating garments that I wanted to wear.

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Classically designed clothing with a modern edge

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