Moderne Beverages

Moderne Beverages believe that choosing a beverage shouldn’t be difficult. Driven by the lack of clarity and transparency of beverages on grocery store shelves, Moderne Beverages was formed. They strive to craft products with integrity, transparency, nutrition, and knowledge.

At the heart of their products are probiotics: microorganisms that benefit from the ingredients in our beverages, and consumers benefit from their presence when ingested in the right amount. They utilize their knowledge and conscientious methods to create their unique drinks.

They take great pride in their ability to show-and-tell all of their steps, ingredients, process aids, and back up their choices with distilled-down info. Moderne wants customers to be informed to make the best decision for themselves.

They believe that beverages can do more than just hydrate, while also being refreshing and delicious. They recognize that fermentation and probiotics are a powerful tool, and use these processes to assist critical digestive health processes.

Top Products: Kombucha
Special Capabilities: Transparency of processes




Contact Information:

Matt Wolf