Genieco Inc

Genieco Inc manufactures bamboo incense, various air fresheners, fragrance oils and accessories. Genieco’s Gonesh brand product lineup encompasses a broad array including:

  • A classic collection of proprietary fragrances.
  • An extra rich collection of single note fruits, florals, woods, and spices.
  • Evocative seasonal and holiday fragrances that delight and stimulate.
  • A group of targeted, or focused incense collections such as The African American Heritage series, Los Santitos, Buzzz and Innersource Aromatherapy Collection – an attempt to tempt all.
  • Beautiful candles, styled after the most popular home decor trends and scented with modern sense-stimulating combinations such as PapayaMango, CitrusVanilla and MandarinSpice.

Genieco Inc


Various air fresheners, fragrance oils and accessories

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Dana Morrison