Dinobi Detergent

Dinobi Detergent is the first of its kind because it’s an all in one solution with only four ingredients that WORK! It bounces ammonia off cloth diapers, removes harsh stains & doesn’t irritate sensitive skin or babies. In addition, it works on pet bedding and clothing which means that everyone in the family can use one product.

The glassware bottle symbolizes their commitment to quality, re-usability and waste reduction. As Chicagoans say, “Keep it 100!” For them, that means 100% plant-based, 100% vegan, 100% essential only & our reviews show that they are 100% satisfaction!

As the detergent industry gets greener, they want to make it friendly, less selective & be 100% accessible. The trends in green products, cloth diapering, and artisan based products point to Dinobi being a positive disruption in the marketplace.

As lifelong Chicagoans raising four kids, the brand is family-focused & not just in terms of product. In the long run, they want to build a state of the art manufacturing facility that will support job creation and innovation right here in the city.



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